Have fun sorting through all this….


The bands are only listed at this point, but the schedule for films is available.

So as I mentioned in the pre-“Cloverfield” post, I suggested a song title for Matt the Electrician and Southpaw Jones: Dean’s List. And I was able to return to Flipnotics North to see the results on the following Thursday (January 24). Southpaw’s was a bit, um, well, but Matt’s was fun, and now you can enjoy it on youtube. Aren’t you lucky? It’s from a subsequent performance at Saxon, which I missed, but I’ve tracked it down for you. Just for you, for no one else, so please click through, ok? Once there, you can find some other performances by Matt and by Bob Schneider from January 28, during AJFF when I was seeing the documentary about Jewish comediennes.

It seems like it was a different set of musicians playing with Bob that night, but I’ve enjoyed the shows at Saxon a couple of Mondays in February. As I mentioned in another previous post, Oliver Steck is playing with Bob on Mondays now, and Danny Levin has also been on stage, doing an excellent job with the cello and fiddle. For $10 cover plus a few bucks for Matt’s folks (who don’t get a cut of the cover), Mondays are easily the best value for a night of fine musical entertainment. (Fun things to know and tell: You have to be 21 to get in, and there’s nothing to eat unless you have Papa John’s deliver.)

On the other hand, Thursdays at Flips North aren’t too shabby, either. It’s all ages with no cover, but you should always take that tip jar seriously, folks!

Friday night after Shabbat services at Kol haLev, I saw “In Bruges,” which turned out to be much better than I expected–pushing the boundaries of movieness into filmdom. Tight story, interesting characters, lovely scenery, a few surprises, nothing superfluous. Other people said it’s gory, but maybe multiple viewings of “No Country for Old Men” has inured me to such things.

On Sunday, I saw “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” which turned out to be pretty much as I expected, but perhaps not quite as upbeat as I’d been led to believe. Good thing I was in a good mood! Interesting camera work to give you the author’s point of view. Spelling in a different language was difficult to fake in the subtitles, which made me wish for dubbing or something. I only barely know any French, but found myself trying to beat the subtitles and guess what was really being spelled out.

“Making Trouble” was interesting more than funny. “West Bank Story” is just plain funny.

Sadly, I have to report that the venue for on-campus screenings was sub-optimal. It was in a lecture hall in Garrison with streetlights shining in through exterior window. Since it’s a lecture hall, the show was projected on two screens, one on either side of the lectern, just like a PowerPoint presentation.

This is one case where I think you’d be better off seeing the material at home, so I skipped “Silver Jew” last night. That’s twice now. Someday, though, I’ll see it.

Since I’ve got other plans for tonight, I’ll miss seeing “Arranged” a second time, and I’m skipping Thursday’s offerings entirely. So that’s that, AJFF-wise!